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Chair Rental Opportunity

Want to be your own boss, but still want to work in a buzzing salon alongside fun coworkers? Renting a chair in our newly renovated salon is the perfect opportunity.

The Details


TBD - Call to Discuss


- Chair, Mirror, Work Station/ Storage, Shared Sinks.

- Access to washer & dryer.

- Fully Stocked Coffee Bar for You and Your Clients

- Parking Lot for You and Your Clients

- Monthly Cleaning Service

- Upscale Restroom for You and Your Clients

- Shared Break Room

- Centralized Booking # that redirects to your Business #


You make your own schedule. You choose the days you work, the hours, and the services. It's your book of business and your rules.

Why Here?

There are plenty of places where you can rent a room, set up a small salon, and have your own book of business. But there's no salon look and feel to them, or coworkers to have a laugh with, or walk-ins to meet. Mia Passione keeps the essential elements of a salon while giving you the reins to be your own boss. Renting a chair is a safe way to ease into starting your own business. Our salon is newly renovated and already set-up for you to start working immediately. And, we are offering a social media manager to help you get up and running for the first month for free. 

Become Your Own Boss Today

Call Us: 718- 605-0030

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